The Kullu Project

Long Term Volunteer Opportunities in the Indian Himalayas  

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The Kullu Valley is known throughout India as the `Valley of Gods'. It's natural beauty is definitely a testimony to that. It consists of a diverse mix of different cultures, including large Tibetan and Nepali communities. The Kullu project now only operates from one part of the valley within a 12 km radius of Kullu Town. 


How to become a Kullu Project volunteer?

Who do i contact?


The following are steps you (the potential volunteer) and the Kullu Project organizers (Ankit Sood and current volunteers Michael and Rebecca) will take to ensure that your placement runs as smoothly as possibly with the greatest amount of benefit for you and the children of the Kullu Valley.





1. You read the information on the website about how the project works and decide you want to apply to be a volunteer with the project.


2. Enquire via email at stating your interests.


3. We send you an application form which can also be downloaded from the website.


4. Return the completed application form via email along with emergency contact numbers, your CV and a reference from someone in a position of authority, e.g. a project / community service activity manager or a teacher and your available to and from dates (A minimum of 2 months commitment is required.)


5. You will receive confirmation from us providing we feel both parties are suitable for ne another. If you are an individual we may ask you also to look for people you may know who might want to volunteer with you.


6.You will receive important Kullu Project Documents: the previous years reports –  it is essential that you read the report from the group previous to yours, and useful if you read the others too; safety guidelines and disclaimer – you will be asked to sign this document when you meet with Ankit in Kullu so it is essential that you read it and are prepared to sign it before you leave.


7. A timescale of arrival and duration of stay can be arranged and discussed with the other volunteers and Ankit. You may also discuss ideas about the work you intend to do while in the valley with the other volunteers and Ankit via email

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8. You are required to provide your own air tickets, visas, travelers cheques and vaccinations. You can email us with any questions you may have and we will assist wherever we can.


9.Volunteers must be willing to use public transport or hire there own. As there is no fee for a place with the program, accommodation is not provided, however we can recommend places to stay and a network of local people to assist volunteers at each base.


10. Upon your arrival in India you need to make your way to Kullu, most likely via overnight Volvo from Delhi, where you will meet with Ankit .


11. You will be introduced to the area and schools / institutions you will be working with.


12. Week one will be spent acclimatizing,engaging in communications with the schools and working out your own timetable to follow from then on.


13. You have the freedom to bring your own skills and with approval integrate them into your sessions using your own initiatives. This should provide a rewarding experience for both you and the children in schools and orphanages. Not to mention the wonderful free time you can allot to discovering the amazing kullu valley.


14. You will be required to update the Kullu Project Blog detailing what you did in each session at each institution as well as updating the volunteer handbook with any suggestions you may have for the next group (you will understand the format from the reports you receive before leaving).


15. Towards the end of your stay we will ask you to complete a feedback form which will be use to improve the project for the next group.


16. Not mandatory however you are encouraged to orchestrate fundraising ( prior, during or after ) as materials used for sessions and outings are completely self funded.